Friday, January 29, 2010

update of sorts

we had a GREAT time at the OCMA showcase on Tuesday! there was a ton of people there, and everyone was really into the music. here's a picture of us playing courtesy of the oc weekly website:

it was a lot of fun. so i guess we find out who made it to the finals on February 17th, after the last showcase. until then we're really psyched to go to the rest of the showcases!

oh yeah, and we got sushi last night to celebrate everything... (aaaand because we just really wanted sushi haha) and we ordered one dish called the "Caterpillar Roll" (which has eel and crab in the middle and avocado on the outside) and the chef made it look like an actual caterpillar! i thought it was funny so i took a picture with my phone:

sitting on top of the avocado shell. hahaha

anyway, this morning we went and checked out a recording studio! it looks really good and i think we're going to record one or two songs there for our EP. they had a lot of vintage/cool instruments that we think are going to help us get the sound we want. 

(okay okay. so i was mostly psyched that the studio had a pet cat. she really liked jeremy - and took a 10 minute nap on his leg - and her name was Clay Aiken.)

that's all for now! hopefully coming soon will be good news, updates on how recording is going, and probably more silly photos.

kbye! :)

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