Saturday, April 17, 2010

we have stickers now!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

tour photos!

tour was so much fun!

Day One was a kickass show at Detroit Bar.

Day Two (March 24th) was spent in Santa Barbara with our friend Sean. it sort of turned into a house show; a bunch of his friends came over and played some songs, and we played as well. it was awesome. also, we bought stuffed-crust pizza and beer, which added to the fun. :)

Day Three (March 25th) was huge. we drove from Santa Barbara to San Jose, where we played a show at 4pm at Streetlight Records; here's a photo of Jeremy and Ryein (of Our Skyline Sisters, who also played the show) watching The Vacuum Bell (who came with us on the tour) play right before we did.

after we were done at Streetlight, we went immediately over to Good Karma Vegan Cafe (also in San Jose) to play a show at 8pm.

They fed us and we performed!

After that my photos sort of disappear for some reason, but basically after San Jose we drove up to Redding (that same night) to stay with our friend James.

Day Four (March 26th) we spent all day driving through the rest of California and all of Oregon to Corvallis, to play a TV show called Locals Live on the Oregon State University campus. but when we got there, we found out the show had been cancelled! super lame. but then the guy who put the show together felt bad and helped us get a last minute show at a restaurant called the Sunny Side Up Cafe. so we played there for a bit, they fed us, and then we got back in the car and drove to Portland to stay with our friend Meagan.

Day Five (March 27th) was definitely the peak of the tour. we got up and had a lovely lunch at a place I thought was called B'jango's but apparently it wasn't, and then took off for Seattle where we played the last day of Hollow Earth Radio's MAGMA Festival 2010! they had nine bands play that night and it was SO EPIC. here's a (i think the one and only) picture of us playing:

anyway, so much fun. after that we stuck around for a while and listened to some awesome music (seriously, check out Midtown Dickens) and then spent the night at our friend Jesica's house.

Day Six (March 28th) we hung out for a bit in Seattle (shopped around in Capitol Hill, bought the X-files movie soundtrack and a Natalie Imbruglia album. love the 90s) and then drove back to Portland. we met up with some friends and played a show at Aztec Willie's.

Day Seven (March 29th) we drove from Portland to Redding to stay with some friends, but i (jessi) got really sick, so we decided to lay low for the day.

Day Eight (March 30th) we drove to Santa Cruz to hang out with Ryein (of Our Skyline Sisters) and sleep before playing our last show on the road. we got some drinks, watched the Big Lebowski, and relaxed. just kidding, we partied pretty hard.

Day Nine (March 31st) we got up, had some breakfast/coffee, and then headed to Streetlight Records in downtown Santa Cruz. here's a picture i took there of Jeremy that i really like! :)

we played the show and then decided we wanted to sleep at home that night, so we said goodbye to Ryein and hit the road.

Day Ten (April 1st) we were finally home, but the tour wasn't over. that night we headed over to the Laguna Art Museum (in Laguna Beach) to play at their OsCene exhibit. that was our first time playing in a museum and it was really cool to have artwork all around us while we were performing.

Day Eleven (April 2nd) we played the TNF MS Benefit at the Yost Theater, which was the perfect way to end our tour. there were so many people there, and we were really glad to play for such a great cause.

i guess that wraps it up! as far as upcoming stuff goes, we are going back into the studio on April 19th, so expect pictures and video from that!

- jessi

Saturday, April 3, 2010

pictures from tour are on their way!!